Domino Application Services


Domino Application Services creates a clear and realistic approach for legacy application transformation. It is a multi-faceted solution that includes Application Lifecycle Planning, Application Assessment, Application Data Migration and Application Redevelopment to drive savings and strategic readiness for modern platforms.  You can even start with Domino on Azure to completely move your server to the Azure cloud while you move along your application transformation.  You will be assured that your business is positioned for the future – without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications.

  • remotely-hosted.png Domino on Azure

    Move your Domino application server to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, letting you completely eliminate in-house hardware, networking, security and operational reliance on legacy infrastructure. With Domino on Azure, the Binary Tree team will manage your cloud-based server for you – in your tenant or our own.

  • comprehensive.png Application Lifecycle Planning

    We will evaluate your business impacts of Domino applications for a holistic analysis to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

  • evaluation.png Application Assessment

    We look at each of your Domino applications to determine the most effective and efficient path for migration. From elimination to template migration to customized transformation, you can be assured in a complete assessmentof your Domino platform.

  • options.png Application Redevelopment

    For your critical custom applications where no off-the-shelf replacement is perfect, we will work to modernize and evolve your applications - even build new ones when needed - for your modern, target platform.

  • full-service.png Application Data Migration

    Your critical application data will be migrated to modern application equivalents -- no mater the target. Your data will be handled by Binary Tree experts, using our proprietary Domino migration solutions, for a reliable transformation.

  • savings.png Savings

    Domino Application Services help you reduce the time you spend on unused or outdated applications during a transformation. It makes your overall migration faster and more efficient. And it reduces the cost of maintaining your applications, even after you migrate.

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    Domino Application Services guide you through a comprehensive assessment to determine the best way to handle your critical applications, including retaining, reinventing, relocating and retiring, as needed.

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    Make Informed Decisions

    Domino Application Services include a comprehensive view of your Notes applications, so you can make the most informed decisions possible for a successful transformation.

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    Domino Application Services

    With Lifecycle Planning, Application Assessment, Data Migration, Application Redevelopment and Domino on Azure, Domino Application Services enables a complete transformation from Domino to your target platform.